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Looking forward to our new partnership!

Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium and Solingen, Germany, 28. May 2021 – TCS and Wilhelm Spiess, both developers and manufacturers of crane systems are entering into a long-term partnership. This new cooperation arises from the acquisition of Wilhelm Spiess GmbH & Co. KG by the Timmers Group. For the Belgian industrial Group this is their third commitment in Germany after acquiring the steel construction company Epesta (Blankenburg, 1992) and the engineering and architecture office Lievens und Partner (Aachen, 2010).

Continuity and continuous improvement

The current management of Wilhelm Spiess remains on board. The managing director Stephan Radke explains: “The contact between the two companies came about purely by chance through a joint supplier. TCS was aiming for further expansion in the German market and I was looking for a long-term successor. It was a logical win-win situation."

For Bert Zimmermann, CEO of TCS, the two companies are a perfect match: “The partnership with Spiess is exactly what we were looking for. It is a company with a rich history, solid products and good professionals. We recognized that we were both equally committed to offering customers exactly what their company needs. Both companies have been building their cranes according to tried and tested German and European standards for many years. This collaboration offers both of us new opportunities to further improve our products and services. The provision of the fitting solution and reliable service are of the utmost importance for our customers."

German and Belgian crane manufacturers join forces

The product range of the new partners ranges from light crane systems (Demag KBK) and standard workshop cranes to tailor-made crane solutions for the most complex tasks and the highest load capacities. Both companies have well-equipped teams of maintenance engineers and offer a wide range of crane components. Wilhelm Spiess is located in the centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's industrial heartland. TCS builds its cranes in Belgium and is widely known for reliable process cranes that work 24/7. In addition, TCS has large business units for the planning and manufacture of steel structures and industrial construction with production facilities in Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Stephan Radke sums up: "Spiess will continue to evolve, but will always remain as good a partner for its customers as it has been since 1924".

Visit www.spiess-krane.de and www.timmers.be to find out more about projects that SPIESS and TCS have previously accomplished.

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